The Narrator





Jon Campling is world-famous for his role as Deatheaterin Harry Potter. He is also a poet, photographer and video editor. His compelling acting skills,
intellect, striking looks,on-screen intensity, and versatility have brought him a string of excitingly unusual roles;
from the violently iconic Diggs in Dead End, to the drunken comedic desperation of Father Lawrence in The Zombie King,
working with Corey Feldman and Edward Furlong.

Jon has also been involved with several ground breaking projects such as The Under Water Realm, Bloody Cuts and Sleeping Dogs.
During early 2012 Jon worked with former WBO world champion Steve Collins,
playing the Rock Star lead in the highly anticipated Tax City, a no holds barred tale of life in London’s notorious Cardboard City.
In late 2014 Jon took on the lead role in Morning Star, his second film with Luca Boni and Marco Ristori, the directors of Zombie Massacre,
in which he played Doug Mulligan, an up-in-your-face trailer trash/hippy yank trying to save his dog, his girl, and the world.

Born In Yorkshire, Jon was originally an Aerospace engineer.