About stonedog



Stonedog Productions is an international film collective,
conceived in 2006 by Ghanaian poet, filmmaker and journalist Ishmael Fiifi Annobil
to engage a small group of international film and photography professionals.
Since then, Stonedog has since grown into one of the biggest film collectives in the United Kingdom,
boasting 25 active members in the UK and abroad, and an impressive roll call of collaborators and associates.


We are noted for our peerless storytelling, aesthetics, poetics and risk-taking.
We embrace both realism and surrealism with equal passion, and flow seamlessly between the documentary and fiction idioms.
Central to our approach are actors, whom we view as very important interpretative artists.
Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our ability to do the impossible on any budget, without compromising our narrative or visual refinement.
We believe in collaboration as a way round budgetary pressures, so as to concentrate on the playmaking process.
This approach also guarantees our continual evolution as an art group.




Stonedog is growing fast, and our projects are becoming more and more complex.
And though we are well equipped and adept at tap-dancing around financial pressures, it can get lonely sometimes.
But make no bones about it, Stonedog is the most efficient and cost-effective film outfit anywhere.
We can bring home a fully-fledged documentary for £10,000 to £20,000.
For that matter, we keep our partnership deals simple:
Investor puts up 50% of budget, we put up the other 50%, and we split net profit 50/50.
It’s as simple as that.
And we are not talking about short films – we don’t do those!

To participate, call Ishmael on +44 7399 847785 or +44 207 388 4676
or email him at director@stonedog.info


Visit us at: www.stonedog.info



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